More than 200 bird species have been recorded here at Talari Mountain Lodge.
Please see our bird list. Some notable bird watchers ( Noble S. Proctor PhD, Charlie Gómez,
Jim Zook, Richard Garrigues, Pieter Westra, Kevin Easley and others ... ) have
contributed to our list so far.

Talari Mountain Lodge is widely recognised among nature lovers -
"This rustic lodge in the country near San Isidro has excellent wildlife viewing
opportunities on the grounds. It is easy to observe seventy species in a morning of
birding there. An excellent place to see the Slaty Spinetail and Red-legged Honeycreeper.
Many birds come to the feeders. A good place to stay if visiting Los Cusingos."
Carrol L. Henderson in "Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica", University of Texas
Press, Austin USA, 2002.

There are other excellent birding opportunities in the area, including Los Cusingos
& Quebradas Biological Reserve - please see 'Activities' for more details.
great birding
great birding
great birding
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