How do I get to Talari Mountain Lodge?
Please click on the link 'Getting There' for information on arriving by car or bus.
A 4WD vehicle is not necessary.

How far in advance do I need to book?
This varies depending on the time of the year, however, in high season, we recommend an
early booking to avoid disappointment.

How can I pay?
We accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX, US dollars and Costa Rican Colones. We pass on an extra
5% charge for credit card use.

What is the climate like?
The dry season from December to April is the sunniest with hardly any or no rain at all. During
the rainy season it rarely rains in the morning, and you can expect short, often heavy showers
or thunderstorms in the afternoon. The wettest months are September and October.
Temperatures range from 28c during the day and due to the altitude of the lodge (800m), the
temperatures at night are comfortable around 22c.

What should I bring?
Apart from shorts, t-shirts and swimwear, we recommend as well long, light trousers and
perhaps long sleeves tops for some excursions and for sitting outside at dusk, poncho or
rainwear, walking boots, insect repellent, sunscreen, flashlight and binoculars. Please see
our list of recommendations for the Chirripo hike in 'Activities'

What about creepy-crawlies?
Costa Rica is a tropical country and therefore you have to expect some bugs. They are most
active at dusk and we recommend you cover up and use a repellent. Rarely, we have been
visited by snakes. They are naturally shy and will only attack or bite if surprised or stepped
on. We have to date never had any incident with snakes and here common sense prevails -
wear boots on the trails, don't walk into the undergrowth and in the gardens don't walk around

What animals can I see?
Talari Mountain Lodge is renowned for its bird spotting, and is worthy of mention in Henderson's
Field Guide. Over 200 species of birds have so far been identified on the property and many
birding organisations visit us. Apart from the birds, Talari is also visited by a large number
of colourful butterflies and moths and you might also see skunks, tolumucos (a large
weasel-type animal); bats; iguanas; lizards; toads; frogs and on rare occasions sloths.

Is there a laundry service?
We offer a same-day laundry service for guests (depending on the weather!)

Are there medical facilities nearby?
There is a 24 hour medical clinic 15 minutes away with English speaking doctors.
San Isidro also has a large number of chemists for minor ailments.

Are there banks nearby?
San Isidro has many banks where you can withdraw (ATM's) and change money. Queues can
sometimes be long and we recommend avoiding the banks if possible on Mondays and Fridays.

Is it necessary to hire a car?
This depends on the flexibility you want and the time you have available. It is not essential
as the Costa Rican bus service is very good and have routes to most destinations, even small

Are dollars accepted everywhere?
You can usually pay in dollars in most restaurants, even some shops. For small purchases,
it is useful to have some colones.

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